Even the best psychics don’t know what’s next. But you do.

A reader that I use for personal sessions said that she and many other psychics don’t know what’s next in this changed world.

“That’s because we are creating it right now,” I answered and hopefully not in a know-it-all tone (I’m famous for that… even if I do 😂)

Within the overused terminology of “thoughts created reality”, there are truths to be discovered — because we are in a seriously new reality. No more “back to normal”, as comforting as that phrase can sound. The seams are ripped, the veil torn off and we are faced with…well, whatever we are faced with. Fears. Boredom. Loneliness. Terror. Impatience. Gratitude. I’ve felt all of them but they are nothing new — just amplified by 7.99 billion energy sources radiating across the globe.

Ascension resides in the internal picture — meaning, how do you want your life to play out? How do you want to feel every day? What does your world look like? As you feel, I feel. As your world is shaped, so is mine — and vice versa. How do you speak to your body? Do you love her? Have you mined the ways that she has endured injustice — possibly by your own hands? What about all of the ways that you have brought yourself back, with one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly saying, I’m here, I have you, I’ll never leave you. You’re safe with me.

As I say at the end of Home, I belong to you.

I do, so be good to me. And I’ll do my best to be good to you.