Loneliness is part of the ride.

If the last two years have taught us anything, it is that loneliness will either break you or make you stronger. I wrote about it here and have read clients of all ages who struggle with feeling alone.

I don’t have a quick and easy answer, other than when I stopped fighting loneliness, that’s when my life improved. It helps that I really enjoy my company and can spend lots of time alone. I realize that not everyone is built like that but no one escapes loneliness. It’s part of the deal on Earth and a strong reminder — especially in the midst of the Great Shift — that our constant task is to nourish a connection to ourselves and to Spirit/God, rather than spend time comparing ourselves to glam (often fake) images on social media of happy people.

That’s what will remain when our money is gone, our partner dies, commits suicide or leaves us for someone else, we move to a new town, we long to be with someone after years of celibacy, when our children leave or hate us, our government fractures, we struggle with fear and worry, a physical decline, a beloved pet dies, we lose our faith. When we can love ourselves through transcendent times, as well as the dark — that’s when loneliness becomes a friend and guide, rather than something that conquers us.

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