Conversations on Faith and Intuition — live on Zoom, 11/18!

Karen and I had such a great time in our Tarot-Intutive Gallery yesterday! So grateful to everyone who showed up. 2020 has been such an intense year and we all benefitted from the group themes that appeared in each session. Thank the Goddess for the ability to connect over the invisible waves!

I realized how much I missed my friend Karen and suggested that we get together for a Zoom. I’ve been perseverating on questions of faith; namely, how do we integrate being an intuitive/healer/reader with a Christian past? This is a question that I’ve been chewing on for years, starting with The Reluctant Tarot Reader. It has becoming increasingly important for me to be at peace with my experience in Christianity, rather than shut the door, despite the rejection I experienced when I came out.

Karen has similar experiences with religion, being gay and also as a powerful psychic. So rather than privately calling her, I suggested that we open it up to everyone to listen in. Who doesn’t love being a fly on the wall (my spell check made fly “gay”? 🧐😂)

The Zoom event Faith and Intuition with Raven Mardirosian and Karen Hager is Weds, 11/18 at 7pm Eastern. It’s completely FREE and you don’t even need to sign up! Once I write some copy and we pull it together, I’ll share the Zoom link ASAP on my website, blog and newsletter for whomever would like to join us. It will probably be an hour but Karen and I are chatty Geminis, so who knows where it will take us? It may even becoming a multi-Zoom series but let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

So, if you’ve struggled with coming out of the metaphysical or sexual closet, had questions over Jesus and Christianity, hell, conversions experiences, being psychic/healer/intuitive in the modern world, this chat will greatly benefit you! It is live, unedited and totally honest stuff.

Keep an eye on my website, sign up for my newsletter and I hope you’ll join me and Karen via Zoom on Weds, 11/18.

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