A quick update…

Shivaya Wellness will have spotty hours as we reach the end of September and I’ll be fully closed from 9/24-9/28. Not to worry: I’ll be back to my normal “walk in virtual Tarot clinic” hours once October starts.

In the meantime, I’d encourage you to never doubt your intuition. This is a crucial time to follow what you know to be true. Don’t wait for anyone to rescue you. Don’t expect that they will be able to tell you what to do (including me). Take care of yourself, your family and make the best choices you can in a rapidly shifting world. This next year will not be easy.

However, I do have some suggestions to consider – and will go more into detail once I’m settled and ready to dive in.

  1. As always, stock your pantry. Food/water/medicine/whatever else you need. I’m talking long-term, not a few weeks. Don’t forget your pets.
  2. Be autonomous as possible. Want to start that virtual biz? Now may be the time – because if not now, when?
  3. Get out of cities. I don’t say this lightly – as as a former city dweller for many years, I understand if you want to stay. You may need to remain and of course, your intuition will protect you in whatever decision you make.
  4. Protect your immune system. I’m not a doctor, nor am I giving any medical advice – but health is wealth. There are loads of websites to help support your body.
  5. Learn to use a pendulum. Rely on it – because it reflects you.
  6. Try a vegan/plant-based diet if it appeals to you. I’ve found it to be an amazing way to lose weight and gives me incredible energy.
  7. Spend lots of time in Nature. Explore where you’d like to move. Be with people you love.

These are quick suggestions. As always, pay attention. Be alert. Stay positive and clear because now is not the time to live in denial. Get a session. I’m here if you need me.

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