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Biddy Tarot and I sat down for a chat on her podcast about Tarot, Christianity and living a spiritual (real) life. Listen to ep. 78 here.

Jenna from Pilates Unfiltered chat about how I became a reader and embraced my intuiton. Listen to ep. 37 here

Mark Hammerschmidt from Hobo Safe Camp and I chat about coming out of the metaphysical closet and being a healer in 2017.

Guillaume Gauthereau from The Sanctuary and I chat about how to heal wounds from the church and fulfilling your spiritual mission.


The Cartomancer Spring 2016 issue: “How To Act During A Tarot Session”

Walking the Crooked Path interviewed me on Paranormal King Radio about Home: Thoughts on Belonging

The Rutland Herald/Times Argus Sunday Magazine interviewed me about New Year’s Resolutions.

Interview with The Rutland Reader: “All in the Cards”.


Introspection DC interviewed me about Home: Thoughts on Belonging

Out of the Fog with Karen Hagerwe discuss Home: Thoughts on Belonging

Word and Spirit Blog reviewed Just Another Crazy Cat Lady Story

Live radio interview with Chris Ann of Elemental Energies — (9/17/15)

Interview with New Renaissance Bookshop — Portland, Oregon’s premier metaphysical bookstore. My class, “Learning To Embrace Your Gifts” and The Reluctant Tarot Reader are highlighted.

30 minute interview with Dr. Bill Kelley on PowHow. We discuss my upcoming book, Home: Thoughts on Belonging.


♦ Empower Radio with Karen Hager: “Cats, Commitment and Coming Home”. Listen to the 60 minute interview here.

An Hour of Peace: A hour-long DVD collaboration with Dr. Bill Kelley, available on Amazon


♦ Peg-TV interview 1/31/13: “Access News Magazine”


♦  Honorable mention, “Best of Tarot 2012” via Tarot by Hilary.

♦ Teaching Redefined Conversations: Raven Mardirosian — a video chat with Dani Nelson of Teaching Redefined.


♦ “A Chat with The Reluctant Tarot Reader” — on Transformation Talk Radio/WBLQ with Karen Hager.

♦ “Talkin’ Tarot with Raven Mardirosian” — Theresa Reed and I sit down for a talk about Tarot.

♦ 1 Woman’s Wisdom & I chatted about the process of writing my book, The Reluctant Tarot Reader, healing, intuition and planetary shifts. Great stuff!

♦ Karen Hager interviewed me on Tranformation Talk Radio on 9/11. The topic was transforming fear to love and we delved into The Relucant Tarot Reader and my photo-essay, Spirit, Flow.

Tarot Today asked wonderful, in-depth questions about The Reluctant Tarot Reader.

♦ Deb Frueh interviewed me on her show, GPS for Your Life.

♦ My essay, “Christian LGBT Kids: You’re Part of the Plan” is included in the New York Times best-selling anthology It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living, edited by Dan Savage and Terry Miller.

♦ Elspeth Duncan interviewed me about my book, “Spirit, Flow” at her blog: Now is Wow Too.


Out of Fog

Christina Ambrosino

Out of the Fog



Tarot Talk was my popular weekly podcast on BlogTalkRadio. My co-host Georgianna Boehnke and I chatted with fascinating Tarot readers, psychics and down-to-earth mystics around the world.

Featured guests:

Mary Greer
Paul Quinn
Brenda MacIntyre
Arwen Lynch.

Listen to all 32 episodes at BlogTalkRadio or at iTunes.

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