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Star Narratives and I chatted about Chiron, old wounds, anger, sexual healing and how to recapture all the parts of ourselves. Listen here.

Biddy Tarot and I sat down for a chat on her podcast about Tarot, Christianity and living a spiritual (real) life. Listen to ep. 78 here.

Jenna from Pilates Unfiltered chat about how I became a reader and embraced my intuiton. Listen to ep. 37 here

Mark Hammerschmidt from Hobo Safe Camp and I chat about coming out of the metaphysical closet and being a healer in 2017.

Guillaume Gauthereau from The Sanctuary and I chat about how to heal wounds from the church and fulfilling your spiritual mission

The Cartomancer Spring 2016 issue: “How To Act During A Tarot Session”

Walking the Crooked Path interviewed me on Paranormal King Radio about Home: Thoughts on Belonging

Introspection DC interviewed me about Home: Thoughts on Belonging

Out of the Fog with Karen Hagerwe discuss Home: Thoughts on Belonging

Word and Spirit Blog reviewed Just Another Crazy Cat Lady Story

♦ Empower Radio with Karen Hager: “Cats, Commitment and Coming Home”. Listen to the 60 minute interview here.

♦  Honorable mention, “Best of Tarot 2012” via Tarot by Hilary.

♦ Teaching Redefined Conversations: Raven Mardirosian — a video chat with Dani Nelson of Teaching Redefined

♦ “A Chat with The Reluctant Tarot Reader” — on Transformation Talk Radio/WBLQ with Karen Hager.

♦ “Talkin’ Tarot with Raven Mardirosian” — Theresa Reed and I sit down for a talk about Tarot.

♦ 1 Woman’s Wisdom & I chatted about the process of writing my book, The Reluctant Tarot Reader, healing, intuition and planetary shifts. Great stuff!

♦ Karen Hager interviewed me on Tranformation Talk Radio on 9/11. The topic was transforming fear to love and we delved into The Relucant Tarot Reader and my photo-essay, Spirit, Flow.

Tarot Today asked wonderful, in-depth questions about The Reluctant Tarot Reader.

♦ Deb Frueh interviewed me on her show, GPS for Your Life.

♦ My essay, “Christian LGBT Kids: You’re Part of the Plan” is included in the New York Times best-selling anthology It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living, edited by Dan Savage and Terry Miller.

♦ Elspeth Duncan interviewed me about my book, “Spirit, Flow” at her blog: Now is Wow Too.


Tarot Talk was my popular weekly podcast on BlogTalkRadio. My co-host Georgianna Boehnke and I chatted with fascinating Tarot readers, psychics and down-to-earth mystics around the world.

Featured guests:

Mary Greer
Paul Quinn
Brenda MacIntyre
Arwen Lynch.

Listen to all 32 episodes at BlogTalkRadio or at iTunes.