Considering the times that we are in, we can all use a positive shift in our energy. I often joke to friends that if I glance at a house for sale, it sells within a month. When I’m around, things tend to shift.

What I’d like to offer you is completely free.

Simply send me a very short email with ONE issue. Please, no more than a paragraph. Even a sentence will do. Something like, I’d like to move, Help me sell my house or I really need a vacation or Help me shift my marriage or I need to feel hopeful. Simply state what you’d like to change and I’ll do my best to assist you, with your permission. Everyone can use some Raven energy! ✨

I will take ONE issue per month per person. Your prayer will be done on a random day during the month. I will go into meditation while using my pendulum to help shift the energy of your situation through prayer.

While I’m happy to offer this to you, it’s good to note what it is NOT.

  • This is not a therapy session. If you are having emotional difficulties, please consult a qualified therapist.
  • This is only meant for you, so only ask about yourself. Not your kids, partner, family members. Only you.
  • This is not in any way negative or harmful to you or others. I always ask the Divine Spirit and Archangel Michael to protect my work and that it is for the highest good and infused with love.
  • This is not a Tarot session.
  • I will not reply to emails.
  • I do not guarantee any results.

Send your confidential request here: Again, please do not write more than a paragraph – the shorter, the better. I’m glad to help. I’d love to hear from you when things start to shift — obviously, not necessary but you know me; I’m a curious bird!

My offering is completely free but you are welcome to donate any amount to support my work, if you feel so compelled.