Here are some common questions:

Q: How do you do sessions?

Your session is done virtually by phone, Skype audio or FaceTime audio. I don’t use a camera. My online calendar always has my latest availability.

Q: I’m scared. It’s my first time. Advice?

It’s normal to feel nervous but I’m a grounded, friendly presence and do my best to empower you. If it makes you feel better, I am a little nervous before my personal sessions. Trust yourself, do research on your reader and have faith that what you hear will be nourishing and positive. Use what you need and discard the rest.

Q: Can a Tarot read answer long-range questions?

We can ask but all we have is the present. It is from the present that we create our future. The cards may give an idea of a potential outcome but we are in control of our decisions, which influence the cards. I’ve had plenty of personal sessions where an intuitive gave a timeframe and it didn’t happen. Did that make the reading less valid? No, because I chose to hear the message and not restrict it to a ticking clock. The cards are a mirror that reflect your inner landscape. If you ask about a relationship, be aware that the other person’s choices are part of the outcome. I’m not big on definitives because I have a healthy respect for our free will and the mystery of life.

Q: What if I get the Death card?!

Hate to break it to you, but we’re all going to die. If you’d like to know when, I’m not that reader. The Death card reminds us that life is one big transformation. When it appears in a read, it signifies change. How you approach that change affects your next steps.

The Death card is greatly misunderstood. I’m surprised that clients don’t flinch when Devil or Tower appear – some of the most challenging cards, as they are the shadowy sides of our nature. All of the cards of the Major Arcana are the Great Teachers, symbolizing the natural cycles we must experience if we are to move into higher levels of wisdom.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for a session?

Be as relaxed as possible and in a peaceful space; ideally, not in moving car, texting or running errands so that we remain grounded. Trust that what you need will come through the session. That’s about it. Here are some further suggestions.

Q: How often can I see you?

I ask clients to wait at least two weeks to a month. A session needs time to unfold and teaches you to trust yourself. Constantly going to a psychic builds a dependence on outside wisdom — and no one knows you better than yourself. All of your answers are within. Though I love my work and clients, I have no interest in being a guru or a psychic crutch. Readings are especially powerful around Equinox or Solstice.

Q: Is a 15 minute session long enough?

It’s a personal decision. My most popular session is 15 minutes and my energy is laser focused because of the short amount of time. If you have many questions, I’d suggest a longer session. Either way, you’ll get a great reading.

Q: So…what is it that you do exactly?

I don’t like labels for my work but people have called me a healer, psychic, Tarot reader and seer. I’m just me 😁. Names really don’t matter as much as being present and fulfilling my spiritual purpose. Here’s how I know what to say in your session.

Q: I feel like I’m gifted and want to get into this work. Where do I begin?

Find trusted mentors. Take classes. Study. Meditate. Avoid gurus. It’s essential that you find ways to stay healthy, whole and grounded while sharing your gifts. Having a mentor is one of the best ways to do so. Read my books for tips on deepening your practice. And yes, practice, practice, practice.

Q: Really, why I should book a session with you?

1. I don’t have emotional attachment to your questions and don’t know you at all. I see what I see and tell you for your consideration. I’m able to go beyond situations and have an expansive view about the people/relationships influencing you and where the issue originated. Your ability to be open deeply affects your session.

2. All great queens/kings/leaders have advisors, even if they publicly poo-poo the woo to please their religious base or not be seen as kooky. Advisors offer suggestions and give warnings to heed or not. No true leader would survive the stress without keen advisors.

3. I’m not a therapist, lawyer or doctor. I give friendly, non-judgmental advice to ponder. I’m here to help you see beyond your circumstances and consider possibilities that have yet to arrive. My sessions are confidential, positive, honest and real — and offer a perspective beyond this one life.

4. Having a session may help you get beyond your fear of the unknown, death, psychics and religious judgment that you’ve held from childhood. It may also help you understand why you are here at this present time and the issues you need to work on, so that you move beyond them.

5. Don’t book a session expecting to hear predictions. That’s lazy growth and I’m not that kind of reader. You’ll be ready for a reading when you desire to understand yourself in a greater way. ❤️

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