Mentally Strong

I’ve had people call me — friends and clients alike — who literally scream on the phone. I don’t take it personally. They need to vent and I understand.

We’re hitting a point in this crazy world that I call Psychosis 2.0. It’s almost winter, so with the dark and possible lockdowns, people feel insane. Whatever traumas that have not been healed will emerge now. The isolation. The uncertainty. The political climate. The division. Sadly, we are going to see many suicides in the next few months. Everyone needs a little more compassion right now — even if they act like an ass. We’re all suffering on some level.

It is an incredible time to be alive — and I mean that in total sense of the word. Only the strongest souls could ever be here on the planet during this pressure cooker.

I’ve had my own anger and frustration over the chipping away of personal freedoms but I’m determined to not let anyone steal my peace. I’ll hunker down and ride out the winter — or move if I find the political climate of my state not to my liking. The choice is mine.

No matter my emotional landscape, it’s time to be mentally strong. I advised all of my screamers the same. Be mentally tough. That’s it. Strong and focused on mental health, whether that means typing in your pajamas, going for walks, reading a great book, yoga, playing affirmations all day long, chatting with friends, a rant in your car. Mentally strong to face an uncertain economic climate while knowing that you are safe and will always be taken care of. Adaptation, flexibility, faith and trust are your cornerstones right now.

People ask me when this will “end”. End implies that we’ll go back to something. That old world is done. We’re entering a whole new experience — never before created — and our focus determines what that will be. Certainly some outside energies would like to manipulate us to their vision of the future but we are still Americans, still free and in control of our lives. Part of the frustration of my screamers is the pressure of arbitrary rules, the isolation and feeling like nothing will “go back to normal”. I get it — but I don’t believe we will return to a “normal” from the past. It’s all new — and we get to decide how we’ll live it.

Uncertain times require massive faith and massive strength, even if you feel weak and defeated. I don’t have the answers. I’m figuring it out, just like you. But we are still alive, still breathing, still on this beautiful planet — and not conquered by anyone. It’s time to be tough. We will get through this.

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