She’s a gay girl in a Christian world, becoming the healer she was meant to be. But what do you do with a gift you really don’t want?
There are plenty of great Tarot books that teach you how to read the deck. But if you’ve searched for a straight-up story about being a psychic / healer / Tarot reader in the modern world — or even where to land, once you’ve discovered your gifts — you now hold it in your hands.
Is a cat just a cat?
Gay. Tarot reader. Ex-Christian. Adopted. We are the sum of our parts — but what if a few pieces are missing? 
Warning: These are powerful, life-altering mantras for the modern healer, seeker and conduit. In a world flooded with unnecessary words, dive into the concentrated wisdom of “Mantras To Heal Your Life” and feel your vibration shift to a more peaceful, intuitive place.
Love – so tender and brutal between women. “Chrysalis: Poems of Release” invites you on a journey through the passionate and treacherous landscape of love. That power is the greatest magic of all. But what happens when you lose your soulmate? How does the heart continue living?
When we remember how powerful we are — and connected to the Source of all things — it infuses our lives with strength and wonder.
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