Advice for Entrepreneurs

  1. I didn’t start out with social media and had to grind, read by read. This taught me patience and dedication. Most of my ads were printouts and I honestly can’t remember when I started a website — but it wasn’t the first few years. Be grateful that you have so much access now with social media, though you pay with lack of privacy and carving away from the herd.
  2. Success comes from referral. This teaches me appreciation of others. I have SO many wonderful people in my life who send clients my way and it is the backbone of Shivaya Wellness.
  3. Success also comes from giving the best session I can, every time. This teaches me devotion. It also supports #2.
  4. I have open hours every day and an easy online calendar for booking and payment. This teaches me flexibility and delegation.
  5. I choose when I wish to work. This teaches me self-care. This is a new way of being for me — rather than stress my calendar. It was only seven years ago that I was able to dive into Shivaya Wellness full-time. A 10 hour work week is my max now.
  6. I erased my debt and haven’t added more. This taught me financial responsibility and a new level of freedom. I basically survived my 20s with credit cards and piecemeal jobs — no judgement there because I wouldn’t have had it any other way — but it followed me into my 30s, even with a teaching career. Once I became an entrepreneur, I accrued debt which is common when you carry your biz. I hated it and debt definitely affected my confidence. I paid it off bit by bit, invested in the market when I could and a few years ago, cashed out at a high and paid off the little remaining debt. I LOVE the feeling of being debt-free and will never go back. It also allows me to save money which supports #5.
  7. I bless and pray for every client at the end of a session once we hang up. This teaches me gratitude.
  8. I don’t need social media for success. This teaches me to follow my own path. It also teaches me to TRUST and have FAITH. Yes, it’s easier for me to give up social media because I have traction — but I did get some loving pushback and wonder at the choice I made to give up the socials. When I gave up FB a couple of summers ago, my business literally cratered the first two weeks. Of course I was like, RAVEN WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? and found myself sliding into worry, though I have savings for dry times. Yet even with that nagging voice in my head, I had no desire to go back to FB, though they didn’t trust my decision and kept my empty page open for months. July is notoriously slow and I do think my “people” wanted me to take a break. Giving up social media relaxes my nervous system and allow more free time.
  9. I love my work but I am aware that I will walk away to do something else. This teaches me that I am a creator with infinite abilities. I don’t have huge goals for Shivaya Wellness now and am happy to continue working with clients for the foreseeable future. But — being who I am — I already know that there is another experience beyond this. I’m in no hurry to get there but welcome the unveiling as it arrives.

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