I’ve recently read many young clients (18 or older) who are headed off to college or settling into life there. They worry about their career, finding friends and being accepted for who they are. They fear disappointing their parents but also being trapped in a life created for them, rather than what they can create. Expectations. Disappointments. Love. Romance. Travel. Oy, the 20s!

They tend to be thoughtful old-soul types who are far beyond the “age” on paper and more evolved than their parents, for the most part. Life can be very confusing for them, beyond basic family trauma that they also will need to face. I do my best to assure them that none of us have it together; not me, their parents or anyone older than them.

Don’t worry about figuring it out. Enjoy your life right now, I say. There will be many different varieties of “you” who you will meet down the road. Your parents will disappoint you but inevitably you’ll realize that they are flawed humans, just like you and me.

These young clients have been forged early on through divorce, death, angry parents and a perplexing world. Yet they are from the generation who came here to shake up all of our entrenched ideas about the 9-5 and the ways we slowly kill ourselves, not to mention challenging us on gender/sexuality/spirituality. They offer us a different way to view life — not necessarily right or wrong — but allow us the chance to shift our perspectives before we all kick off the planet and they claim it as theirs. Their challenge is to figure out what is valuable from those who came before and throw away the other 85% 🤣. Some of this generation will be lost to addiction, whether drugs, porn, distraction or the metaverse. Others will choose to leave early and perhaps decide to try again or not. Others will give into the dreams their parents shaped for them and never really know themselves. Others will continue the cycle of trauma in their own families.

However, I’m not concerned about the young clients who call me because they are wise souls with their programming already built in. Sure, they’ll mess up, be confused, screw up time and again. Yet they will right themselves and carry on, as they have already been forged. They’ll ask questions from their curiosity, anger and passion. You’ll find that you will fall in love and have your heart broken, then fall in love and have your heart broken all over again, I said to one client and laughed. They will continue to be forged, as we all are. Yet I’m certain they will find the healers they need and their internal guidance will continue to protect them, if they allow it.

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