Why I’ll never use social media again.

I’ve had several clients privately express that they wish to drop social media but are afraid their business or reputation will crater. Some are starting out while others are more high profile. What they share is an equal amount of exhaustion, whether it’s chasing down spammer accounts with stolen pics or trying to rise above the din. As one client wisely put it: The people who shouldn’t be talking won’t shut up and the ones that should be talking, aren’t.

I totally get it. That’s why I deleted all of my accounts two years ago and will never return. I listened when some creators of social media (the ones with consciences) admitted that they are purposely addictive and warned us to stay away, especially kids. Sure, I was afraid that I’d lose business and grind even harder for clients. I dropped Twitter first, then IG and finally FB. The first month was tough and my business did suffer — but that was July, a notoriously slow month. Overall, Shivaya Wellness has held steady and grown without social media. I rely on personal connection and referrals to keep my business healthy and strong. Social media was just fluff.

Granted, I started reading well before these platforms became monsters and there was a time that they were fun. The only one that retains a bit of whimsy is Twitter because people actually have to use brain cells to form a clever sentence. Yet they are all united in stealing your data/facial recognition and selling it to the highest bidder — Tiktok being one of the worst culprits. If that’s not enough, people pay huge ransoms to get their biz pages back from hackers. It’s like the head of the Hydra — cut one and 1,000 grow back.

It’s not easy to get off social media and the addiction is real. All kinds of subconscious messages are built into personal feeds as AI gets to know your movements — and it is not just AI but invisible entities who will gladly cause division, hatred, stress. Fraudulent spirits, one of my teachers called them. Sure, there are positive messages and tech has done wonderful things for humanity. Yet where there is light, there is an equal amount of dark — and addiction influences us in ways we don’t even realize. None of us are strong enough to fight it off if we constantly dive into battle. We just become stressed out zombies.

It took weeks to cleanse from the hyper-sensitivity that social media created in my nervous system – the constant ON. I missed connecting with my “followers”. I missed the constant scroll and endless brain dump. I was restless. So much open time! Fortunately, I grew used to breathing again. I actually started to read more books. I stopped worrying about whether I had posted/answered quick enough or offended someone. I wrote more blogs and books. I scrolled accounts I enjoyed until IG locked out non-users (phew!) Those who wanted to stay in touch found me offline or dropped away. I learned to live without social media. Full disclosure: I still read certain thought provoking Twitter accounts — but limit my time there, on streaming services, podcasts and videos. I am aware of subtle energies online and vigorously keep myself in balance to not fall into the rabbit hole. I have not opened any social media accounts, nor will I ever again.

Some helpful books: Extreme Privacy: What It Takes To Disappear Michael Bazzell (short version: you can’t) and Jared Lanier, 10 Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now.

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