When I’ve been wrong with predictions…

I used to think that I had to load up a session with predictions back in the early days. That came from my own internalized vision of what I thought a reader did for clients. Let me reiterate: I had no idea how to start a business as a Tarot reader and for many years, I flew on instinct until teachers came to hone my gift.

But man, I’ve been wrong a number of times and had many clients tell me in the past — sometimes with accusation or glee — how wrong I was. The husband left. The job didn’t come. The daughter was still on drugs. It was difficult to hear because I can only do the reading to the best of my ability at the time and it is not my responsibility to carve a path for a client – yet they blamed me for not getting what they wanted. It hurt and I’d question whether I should continue with this work. Once I decided to heal my inner skeptic that loved to accuse me of being a fraud, those clients went away. I also learned to shift my focus on what I wanted to do with clients, rather than be a walking Magic 8 ball and bear the weight of their questions.

Loading up a read with predictions is a sure-fire way to disappoint yourself and your clients. Nothing is written in stone, as they say. Life is a constantly shifting chess board — rapid fire movements based on our thoughts and decisions — so trying to pin down a what/when/where can be very tricky and often unnecessary. It can be lazy growth rather than the client giving themselves time to marinate in their own self-reflection. Their growth and choices are up to them. A reading is merely a chance for a client to view their path. I provide some possibilities that are strongest at the moment — I don’t choose for them.

The more the question is loaded with emotional gravitas, the more your clients will hang on your answer because they don’t trust themselves. After nearly 20 years of this work, I still predict to a certain extent — but it is based on self-growth questions, rather than Where did my husband steal the money? or Is she cheating on me? It’s great when things come to pass but I don’t believe that I make it happen through my reading. A client’s decisions are 100% between them and God — I simply provide suggestions to consider or not.

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