Give yourself the time to be successful.

I used to be super intimidated by readers I’d watch in the early days. I remember one who would throw her cards around in a wide circle, basing each one on the astrological houses. She moved so fast, so confidently that I wondered how I’d ever get up to her speed. I could barely keep up with one card, let alone 78! Add on the personalized interpretation and I knew that it would take me many, many readings before I felt that level of expertise.

It did take me hundreds of readings before I found my rhythm with the cards and even now, I still get a little nervous when I read for someone new. That’s a good thing. I may have a certain level of mastery but there is always something to learn and every client brings a fresh perspective.

So if you’re starting out as a reader or healer, give yourself those hundreds of sessions. You can even go for the 10,000 hour theory of mastery! Your clients will be at the level you can receive and they grow with you until new ones appear. It’s important to be patient with yourself and let your knowledge expand with each session. I’d also be careful with comparing yourself to others on social media if it brings you down. You never know how many hours they’ve devoted to their business and how many clients they have (anyone can say anything online).

If you put in the time and really like your work, you will be successful!

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