Slow times: grind or chill?

July is a notoriously slow month for my business. Do I like it? No.

Do I ever like slow times in work? Not really.

I like steady. Steady and easy — because that’s how it works in every business, right?

Once I learned to respect the ebb and flow of being an entrepreneur, which does happen after many years of grit and determination — I have come to realize that slow times are absolutely necessary. They aren’t quite a vacation but a time of creative rest. Earlier years I’d just stress my way through until things turned around but now I indulge other pleasures until I hear the ding of a new appointment.

Those pleasures aren’t spending money that is better off staying quiet for the month. It’s discovering new books — I’m in a bit of a reading frenzy right now — baking, catching up with a few podcasts, walking, gathering ideas for a new book, enjoying the heat. It’s not a zone-out period — but more of a fun learning opportunity that also benefits future sessions.

When the calendar is light, it often indicates that I’m going through a deep spiritual process/self-exploration that can’t happen when I’m busy, tired or distracted. At present, it is deciding what to do with my substantial religious background, my belief in Christ, where the Holy Mother fits and how I wish to design the rest of my experience here. Add in the super turbulent world that invites me to join in their anxiety and I say, No thanks. I’ve got other things to do right now. Super light stuff!

Steady and easy doesn’t get me into those places — and it’s the reason I’m happy for the temporary pause until things zoom up again, which they always do.

I’ll take chill any day over grind!

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