A normal human being reader.

I’ve often said that if your intuitive/psychic/Tarot reader is kinda spooky, domineering, distant and weird, run. None of that display is necessary for a great session— unless you want a show, of course. Your reader should be a normal human being.

Many of us have shied away from our inner voice because of fear, church, modernity, shame, science or we simply don’t like ourselves — yet can approach our wisdom again by having a session. That’s usually the entrance. A great reader will always remind you of your own inherent power and eventually, you won’t need them. That’s my goal with clients. We work intensely for a time on something – and then they shift away into a greater life. Maybe they return, maybe not. I see it as a honor, not a loss.

The more years I give to this work and devote my energy to my business, whether I have clients or not that day — I find that it becomes seamless to enter a session, do my thing and then go make a sandwich. It’s called normal life. Being psychic and telepathic is normal. We’ve just forgotten it. That’s why intuitives/psychics are viewed as scary or god-like when nothing could be further from the truth. We are flawed human beings — and need love and good therapy like anyone else. We are as normal as the guys outside my window building new steps. They build, we read – using our skills to better the lives of others. That’s the ideal. Some contractors are cheats. Some readers are fake. That’s why you need to constantly hone and trust your intuition in all aspects of life. It might not save you from being taken advantage of — but the point is not have it happen over and over! 🤣

Your intuition is your best friend — and your reader is a normal human being who cheers you on from the sidelines as we learn and grow together.

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