Ways to prep beyond food/water (but that, too…)

My favorite store as a kid was the Army/Navy. I used to buy little waterproof packets on how to survive a snake bite, make a fire and hike the AT. I loved looking at all of the boots, tents, knives and flashlights. They had the entire collection of Foxfire books and other ”prepper” manuals. I was fascinated then as I am now about the time we are passing through – probably an 8th house/12th house thing – and tend to listen to “conspiracy” theories than ”news”. There’s always more beneath the accepted story.

Yet there’s only so much you can do to prep. For some, it’s a fetish — for others, they are just starting to ask, ”What can I do?” It’s definitely NOT time to park it in the Netflix metaverse and pretend nothing is going down.

I’ve been lucky. Beyond my early indoctrination of the Apocalypse in church, I was surrounded by a psychic community that’s been talking about this since 2012. Yet I’m not really a prepper because you can go down that rabbit hole and never come out. I’m lazy and like things at my fingertips. However, I’m also your friendly, neighborhood intuitive! 🥰

So where are we now? Let me offer a few suggestions if you feel concerned about this time. Some are repeats from earlier posts but they are still valuable.

*Food/Water/Seeds. Earlier posts said to stock up for 3-6 months. I’d make that a solid year or more. It doesn’t have to break the bank. Buy now and stock away. It’s only going to cost more down the road. Get big 25/50 lb bags of dried beans, rice, flour. Dehydrated fruit/veggies/soup mixes. Canned goods. Food for your animals. As wise, simple preppers advise: fat. sugar. salt. oil. water. Always include water filtration/drops/catchment system. It’s not meant to be fancy but keep you alive. Seeds/sprouts are the real gold.

*Energy. Have a backup source of power when the grid goes down. Those who live in the country already know this — buy a gas generator or solar bank. Other more knowledgeable preppers do inversion systems with their car batteries but I’m not one of them. I keep it simple and light —because people have done it far longer than we have via electrical grid.

*Fire. Buy a rocket stove. You’ll thank me later. 🙂 You’re gonna have to cook all them beans! Otherwise, find a way to cook if you run out of propane/gas/grid. I love the look of solar stoves but haven’t tried one. I hope it NEVER comes to cooking on my rocket stove for more than a meal or two because again, I’m lazy and don’t like the hassle — but the power went out for 12 hrs and I had hot tea and a lovely lunch, thanks to my little stove. Matches, lighters, fire starter, etc.

*Light. Candles. Flashlights. Solar laterns. You can never have too many sources of light.

*Physical books. Cookbooks. Medicinal plants/herbs guide. First aid guides.

*Cash and other sources of barter. If you depend on your money being safe in a bank or online crypto wallets, think again. What would people need when supplies dry up? Generally it’s food/water/seeds/cigs/alcohol/medicine/ammo. Imagine what you’re like when you’re hungry — I’m a monster!!

*Medicines. Vitamins. First aid kit. Bug out bags.

This is a beginner list — but I highly encourage you to do your research. What do you need for an extended emergency, lockdown, shortage or other created dramas? Some preppers would get into weapons, storage and the like but I’m more interested in ways to prep beyond the physical.

*Invisibility. I imagine my house with a mark on the door like the Old Testament — and the angel of Death passing over. Many healers I know are in seclusion now, quietly doing their work and waiting for this time to pass, which it will. Some have guns, some do not. That’s entirely up to you.

*I trust my intuition. When it says buy this, I don’t wait or talk myself out of it. When it says, Go here, turn back, stay inside, I listen and don’t question. I don’t trust the news or conspiracy theories but view them as fascinating movies. I trust what my gut tells me as if my life depended on it.

*Find or strengthen your community. I have a friend who went back to church after many years away — and loves the solidity that it affords during this time. Your community may be friends, family, church, animals, neighbors. Most of us will need community during the 12-18 months of turmoil that has arrived.

*Move. If you feel the urge to be elsewhere, consider why and then make a move. The housing market will crash in the next year — but that shouldn’t dissuade you. There’s a very good reason you are being urged to go right now. Pay close attention and don’t talk yourself out of it.

*Pray. Relax. Be happy and simplify. Plant a garden.

*Bake homemade bread. It’s very comforting. 🙂

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