Am I going I die?

I listen to my dreams. I may not understand every one — but they are written in a dream journal to the best of my recall.

The other night I was in a plane, headed to a mysterious holiday destination with an old friend. Everyone was joyous and happy until we hit major turbulence in a petrifying thunderstorm. That quickly turned into an emergency and I could hear the pilot screaming to air control as the plane dove towards the ocean.

Everyone freaked out — but surprisingly, not me. I asked myself, Am I going to die? and then asked again, Am I going to die? The answer that came from my depths was NO.

I put on a pair of noise cancelling headphones, closed my eyes and leaned back. Right before we hit the water, the pilot dropped something like a buoy or extra propeller and we righted ourselves. Soon enough, we landed right in front of a cute English/Scottish village decorated in festive colors and headed into a pub for dinner.

No matter what the movie of the world shows me — and there are many different genres — my time has not come. I am meant to enjoy the rest of this experience before I take off to the stars. I will make it through this time which will introduce a new world, which I call the Golden Era. The world will look very, very different from today — but it will be more beautiful than ever. Why? Because I choose it so.

Well, what about the rest of us, Raven? you may ask. What about the terror and heartache and anger? What about (societal topic)? What about the suffering?

All of that touches me. We are all part of this experience. Yet a thunderstorm is just that. It’s not meant to punish us or take the plane down. It’s the story we create about the thunderstorm that makes the difference. We are free, creative beings — and we can reframe as we wish.

I can only be responsible for my choices — including my thoughts and imaginings — and whatever world I imagine will reflect back to me. I know what deep suffering feels like — and from that knowledge, I chose to remain in beauty and calm as much as possible. I listen to the signs. I live a simple life that provides great flexibility. I prepare.

I must hold onto the light. I must BE the light. Does that exclude suffering? No – but it can neutralize it.

I will not die. Not yet. And even then, I will never die.

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