And then what?

Something triggered me today — some innocuous little thing — but it set my beautiful little (inner) girl into panic / figure it out mode. To her, it was ginormous. To my adult mind, I knew that I needed to calm her down, even if it was an imaginary vision that hadn’t happened but could.

It’s never small if my inner child feels panicked. It’s an unhealed wound that needs more loving, non-judgmental and undivided attention. So, I made a lentil meatloaf and chatted with her, saying that I’ll always protect her and that I’ll figure this out (imaginary scenario that had her scared). She didn’t have to do anything but relax and play because adult Raven has her. I understood why she felt this way – and the home we grew up in — but I assured her that we’ll never go back to that life. Ever.

Then I went through my And Then What? Some of you might recognize this from your sessions — especially ones where you spin out in terror at some real or imaginary scenario. I said to myself, Okay, imagine this — unlikely as it is — actually happened. It’s in front of you. And then what? I’d think about a potential next step and state it out loud. I didn’t shy away from difficult aspects but looked at the ”worse” case scenarios. Then I said, And then what? Another potential step. And then what? On and on until I came to the end of the road, while knowing I could change the plan. It was actually BETTER than expected, so I had to say to myself, Okay, I’m not manifesting this NOW – but I love this ending! There is no need to create drama to get to the next point. I am protected and I’ll always know what to do.

And Then What? is another way to unfold the paper dragon. We are stronger than we know — and far more creative when we imagine the next step, even if it terrifies us. We are not our fears and most of us have lived long enough to know This too shall pass.

I’m not a doom and gloom intuitive. I say it direct but have an overall positive outlook. We are going into the Tower and I won’t shy away from telling you. It’s not negative to say this. We have been given unending fortune and now the Wheel will turn to austerity for awhile. Such is life. Prepare. I’ve suggested for two years to build a substantial pantry – now you see why. For the next 12-18 months (it can be less, based on our collective energy), it will be very, very difficult for some, especially those wrapped up in the identification/status/illusion of security that money brings. Yet it will be difficult for all of us if we are not awake, generous, adaptable and willing to simplify. To whom much has been given, much will be required.

Be in the world, but not of the world. Think about this time and then do And then what? walkthrough, whether it’s money, a downsize or loss of job, imploding crypto/stock portfolios, unpaid mortagages, empty shelves, crushing student debt, a looming divorce. It’s not time to pretend. Face your life, be willing to simplify/change and say, And then what? What is important to me? What can I live without? What do I really, really need? What can I shed? Where do I need to be? What would I really love to do to make myself happy? How can I feel safe, even if the world looks like it’s going to hell? (Spoiler: it’s not — it’s a purification/ascension of the collective consciousness process. Just a little thing…)

A family of 6 with young children sat on the pavement by the traffic lights as I got gas yesterday, holding a sign. I couldn’t bear to read the sentences but it said something like, ”Employed but..”. This is what we will see more of — much more. I walked over, handed them a $20 and said, I’m sorry you’re going through this. God bless you, they said and truly, God has. By the grace of God we are either on the sidewalk or giving back through physical stuff and our powerful, pervasive light.

The Tower will pass. But still, prepare.

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