Energy shift.

Often clients will say It’s so weird. You know how we talked about my ___ (bf/gf/wife/sister in law, boss etc) and they called me right after — to talk about EXACTLY what we discussed!

Sometimes they text during their session, just to be fair…

It may seems crazy to you — but it’s normal to me. We shift energy together!

Every reader has their particular gifts that they offer to clients. One of my strongest is that energy shifts when I’m around. For example, I’ll glance at a house or a piece of land for sale that has languished for years. Guaranteed that it will be pending or sold when I look at it again. I guess I don’t like stagnation…?

We are meant to move and play and shift around in this human experience — unless we want to play the role of victim and bitch about everything, which is also a playful role but we may have an audience of one…

Energy shift isn’t about controlling others — we can’t, even if we try. It’s about expanding our perspective to give ourselves more internal openness so that the other person can safely come to us. For example, a client had a budding love match but I saw one big snafu in the other person’s inability to communicate because they really hadn’t developed that muscle in previous relationships. This also concerned my client but wouldn’t you know it…right after the session, this person called my client and said, Can I talk to you about something? and proceeded to share their heart. My client was willing to listen, rather than judge based on their own past fears — and their relationship is better than ever.

We can call it energy but an easier way to understand it is to call it a reframe or new perspective which always focuses on us and the areas in which we can grow — playfully or painfully, whichever we prefer.

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