Food miracles…

If there’s one thing that really bothers me — other than animal abuse — it is the thought of children/people/animals going hungry in America. This is the land of milk and honey, so anyone going to bed with an empty belly hurts. I watched food lines outside of community food banks grow in New England during Covid and I hated it, especially in the shadow of a giant supermarket that regularly tossed good food into locked dumpsters. I may see beyond the ”human” reasons of why a soul may choose to experience this but I’m not quite evolved enough to let it be in its own perfection. I do believe that we are meant to help each other — whether energetically or in the physical — and ease pain if we are able without losing our equilibrium.

I’m a big believer in not letting your left hand know what the right hand is doing when it comes to generosity but I’ll put it aside for the sake of this post. I make it a point to skim off an item whenever I receive bulk food (always organic or non-GMO) and add it to a pile for the local foodbank or ”blessings” boxes that sprout up. Whenever I buy clothing (organic, non-toxic fibers), I make sure that something gets traded out for the thrift store. It’s my way of tithing, as well as giving money to animal/elephant protection and food banks. When Covid checks arrived a few years ago, I made it a point to spend one of them on boxes of groceries for the local foodbank because my fortunes rose during that time when others lost theirs. I was embarrassed to even drop it off because I never want to make anyone feel ashamed in a food line. By the grace of God we are there — or not. The Wheel of Fortune turns for everyone.

I grew up well but I know what it’s like to have an empty bank account as an adult, have debt that feels endless, eat sad vegetables and not be able to pay for the organic food needed for my health. I know what it’s like to calculate as I contemplated what to buy at the dented can store. At times people would say, Oh, you could go back to teaching or get another job as if Shivaya Wellness was a side hustle and not a career I spent years building, session by session. We choose our devotions in life and once I committed to my business, there was no turning back — even as I struggled. Fortunately, I had many, many friends who supported me on the journey through picking up the bill, cooking a great meal, encouraging me, loaning or handing me cash. My state also supported me through cheap health care and credits along the way. I would say to myself at the darkest of moments I am protected. I will always have what I need, even when I didn’t believe it. I knew there would come a time that I would be the one leaving big tips, supporting someone who was hungry and finding other creative ways to help.

I’m living that time now — and I love the ability and freedom to do so.

Here’s the miracle part: every time I give away food, it returns — and not only through the ability to buy healthy groceries. I have a thriving garden, credits from delayed orders, great sales, extra food in my bags that wasn’t charged and mysterious boxes that show up on my doorstep. The latest was a 9lb bag of shredded coconut — organic, no less! It’s true: the Divine always takes care of me.

Many people will experience the opposite in the next 18 months. Many fortunes will be lost — whether it be money, health, families, etc. Those who have known no hunger or financial ruin will experience it. The Wheel of Fortune will turn for all of us but no matter where it lands I will continue to say, I am protected. I will always have what I need.

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