Organic kale, parsley, lettuce, collards, beets, carrots, lovage, spinach, mint, basil, butternut squash and marigolds. Thank God for longer growing seasons! Raised bed is rotted lumber I found in the woods. I used organic potting soil, top soil and cow manure. I spray Neem oil for pests — never any type of harmful pesticide. The only casualty so far has been a couple of bok choy leaves but I see that as giving back to Mother Nature.

Wise oak branches to filter the pounding rain and they look cool. 🤩 Thought I’d have problems with critters but it’s really just one cat!

Said cat. Onions, bok choy and red oakleaf lettuce in buckets. Cantelope in white bucket. Will build extension to the right for watermelon, butternut, cantelope and whatever else needs more room. I already have enough greens for smoothies and stir fry. ☀️

View from the other side…collards on their way to giant! Everything in garden started from microscopic seeds, mostly in fabric buckets.

Front garden. The raised bed was already there — I extended it but kept some of the wildness and wanted to see what flowers came up in spring. Can’t stand neatly trimmed, empty lawns and perfect gardens. Need some wildness cause that’s the true Earth. Buckets hold lettuce, chard, cilantro sprouts, arugula and watermelon. Garden has said wildness, cabbage, pickling cucumber and various medicinal wildflowers like borage, bergamot, echinachea, calendula and other native plants I discover as I futz around my happy place!

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