For weeks, I’ve scanned the dirt of my gardens (organic, no pesticides ever) as sprouts began to peek up their tiny heads. I fretted and covered them when late frost arrived and now celebrate when I have enough for a smoothie or garnish. In two months, I’ll have more greens than I can possibly eat.

It’s rained the last two days and I walked outside this morning, curious to see how they fared under the pounding storms. Well, wouldn’t you know it…the rain is exactly what all my little babies needed. They’ve gone and super-sized! I’m amazed that a dried, microscopic fleck can become such a gorgeous garden. It’s simply miraculous.

I don’t get mad at my garden if it doesn’t grow as fast as I wish. I talk to my plants, tell them how beautiful they are and thank the God/dess for all of my abundance. It makes me appreciate the process of slow growth and realize how spoiled I’ve been with instant agriculture. I admire those before me who grew gardens, made their own clothes, cooked every meal from scratch and wept when their gardens went under from drought, animals or floods. How blessed we are now and that comes from them, envisioning a better future for us — even as we live through the myth of ”food shortages” in America.

A growing garden is an easy metaphor to slide into what I’ve learned from my clients, especially the ones who’ve asked for years about romantic relationships, money, a move or when their business will blossom. They wait and wonder — probably doubting my read 🤣 — but come back to learn how to harness their power to direct their future. It doesn’t take care of the WHEN but provides them fortitude to understand the WHY. It deepens their roots and helps them appreciate the person they are right now.

The partner is coming. The money, too. The move, the children, the flourishing business. As you envision it in session, I project with you. One day, you’ll wake up and have in the physical what you’ve seen all along. One day — as I often mention and we laugh over it — we’ll talk about something else.

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p.s. Happy birthday, J.