Meet my mentor…

My mentor Susan Hansen created a beautiful new website — and I’d love for you to meet her! She is a master psychic/reader for over 45 years and as I say in my testimonial, I attribute much of my success to her guidance and protection.

She’s a powerful soul, VERY direct and makes me look like a softie in sessions, 🙂 so don’t expect any hand-holding. However, she is super caring in her own way by reaching into the wisdom and offering it to you. I literally have reams of notebooks with 12 years of scribbled session notes — and many things she told me and others have come true, even if years later.

When I moved south, I shipped a non-urgent box that didn’t fit in the car. Unfortunately, it was torn open by USPS and most of the special cards and other ephemera (precious to me but worthless to anyone else) vanished. When I finally received the box, it was repacked and 1/2 the size . . . but wouldn’t you know it: ALL of the Susan notebooks and items were intact. They knew not to touch it. 🙂

Susan is my go-to and I trust her above any reader for my personal sessions.

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