Invite beauty into your life on a budget…

A vacation was nearly impossible in the early years of my biz – because every cent was re-invested into bills, supplies, ads and paying off debt. As much as I wanted a break, I stressed time off, the cost and extra savings when I closed my office. It’s one of the drawbacks of being an entrepreneur — no sick or vacation days. The positives, however — far outweigh!

Vacation means to get away from our lives — but what if we can’t because of $$, family or a worldwide issue?

The beautiful thing about Nature is that we don’t have to go and find it elsewhere. We just need to invite her in.

Some suggestions:

  1. Buy a hummingbird feeder. If you’ve never connected with these magical, funny creatures — I highly recommend a feeder right outside your window. Use regular cane sugar and water (3:1 ratio of water/sugar) and refresh every week. Don’t use the colored red stuff — it’s full of dye. Regular cane sugar is their crack and they will remember and return to the same feeder every spring. Get a feeder with an ant moat — otherwise they will invade. Ants will not cross a body of water.
  2. Buy a bird feeder. Technically, I’m not supposed to keep a feeder in summer because of bears but I take it inside at night. The cardinal couple stalks me throughout the yard, up the path and will fly right outside my window like, Hey, lady! Let’s go! (Every animal knows I’m a sucker.) Cardinals are similar to crows in their recognition of humans. As I describe in The Last Painting, birds really don’t need us, nor do you need 57 acres like Kat — but can still enjoy the entertainment and their trust.
  3. Fill your house with plants. Not only does it cleanse the air, it lifts your spirits.
  4. Start a garden — yard/patio/indoors. Grow sprouts. There is nothing like eating veggies that you helped nurture and grow. Mother Earth always takes care of us.
  5. Surround yourself with lovely things.
  6. Have a picnic with a friend in your yard or a park.
  7. Eat pie for breakfast – if that’s your thing. 🤣
  8. Take a drive to the lake. Park and watch the water — or take a swim.
  9. Try a great restaurant two hours away.
  10. Take a virtual tour of a place you really want to visit — even if you never see it in this lifetime. You’ll still connect to the beauty and energy.

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