Healers are everywhere…

It’s been a challenge to find a massage therapist in my neck of the woods — more like little toe, as I live in the middle of nowhere but expect healers, excellent food, etc within 10 minutes. After many thwarted attempts (always a sign to move on), I found one in a small town the next state over.

She was good. Not great but learning how to be great in her first years as a therapist. She mentioned going to Asheville for her Reiki certification and I thought, Are people still learning Reiki? This was not said in judgement but fascination. It felt like a million years ago when I was Reiki certified. I was spoiled by New England – I worked in the most cutting edge wellness center and had access to the 1st salt cave in North America back in 2008, Reiki, massage and all kinds of healers/psychics/out there folks. I had the best massage therapists in the world — and whose voices I still hear when I tweak something. It’s your traps. Your glutes or stomach. Hit your acupressure points. Very helpful during the search — and a PT roller was a stand-in massage.

I didn’t tell her about my work, just that I was a foodie/plant-based, searching for great restaurants. (Knoxville and Asheville are next). I listened as she opened up. I’m not for chatty massage sessions but this was the first and it laid down a level of trust. By the end, I found out that she was an herbalist, witch, reads Tarot, talks to animals (this is normal conversation for me 🤣) — and hungry to build her practice. I booked a 90 minute for next time.

I may be new here but I know where I live. This is the South. People don’t go around saying that they are woo or looking for woo — but like many humans, will go to healers/readers when in pain, even if they deny later — but we are everywhere and we find each other, even in tiny towns offering ”medical massage” in the middle of nowhere.

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