How I deal with anxiety…

I’m a normal person, just like you. Whatever ”normal” is these days — and I’ve dealt with pervasive anxiety for most of my life. I’m a highly creative, functional being and anxiety is part of that package.

Here are the ways I deal with it, in no particular order:

  1. Cooking/baking/gardening. I often float around in my head — or zigzag like a lunatic – so getting my hands in something solid/earthy calms me down, as well as nourishes my creativity.
  2. Walking. Weights/cardio/yoga is great from time to time but a walk is pure therapy. It helps to soothe and provides a better sleep. I’ve walked since I was a kid and it cures most of my ills, if only for a hour.
  3. Nature. Animals. Birds. Insects. Trees. Their world is so separate — so distinct — from our human one and it endlessly fascinates me that we share this earthly realm. My cat is so sensitive that if I have a note of irritation or anxiety, she will head out the door rather than in. She’s a great antenna for my behavior and I practice a deeper level of gentleness to gain her trust. That gentleness also heals my anxiety.
  4. Meditation music. I don’t do this much but it does provide a shift if it’s the right tone. Binaural beats aggravate me. I sometimes listen to voice affirmations but that also has to be the right frequency. Otherwise, I’m just irritated. Electronic music has an easier affect on me (Chill on Sirius).
  5. Silence. Very hard to find pure silence these days – but I’ve chosen an area/landscape where I hear nothing but silence at night and few human noises during the day — but plenty of birds, as you well know during your sessions! 🤣
  6. Home. I have lived in several states and each home has matched my personality/outer world. Could I ever live in the City again? No — but it worked for the time I was there and my anxiety was calmed through movement/chaos/beauty. I no longer need that type of expression – because it doesn’t match who I am now. I love being home.
  7. Laughter. I am relentlessly positive now — rather than the anxious mess I once was — and wake up happy most days. I laugh all of the time and find life to be rather ridiculous but in a beautiful way.
  8. Hypnotherapy. We don’t talk about anxiety, per se — but focus on various personalities/protectors and reset my subconscious mind. Like everyone, I hold strong beliefs based on the inner child who processed trauma from her perspective. The reset comes from adult Raven listening to the personality who wants to be heard, accepting them and then providing comfort and assurance. My inner child is fabulous — it’s the older parts that still grouse. (I’ll have to tell you about my huge narcissist sometime. 😂) I love all of my “selves” – and that acceptance heals the inner worry wart, whom I also love. Everyone can party together!
  9. Self-talk. I talk to myself all day long — and consider it a lifelong refinery of my words. I am careful with what I say and if anxiety creeps up over whatever (and it really can be over nothing), I assure myself that everything is working out, it’s all good, it will pass or repeat ”All is well and all will be well”, then eat some chocolate. Now that it’s warmer, I head outside and relax — or book a massage.
  10. Food/drink/sleep/devices. On that note, the way I eat is crucial to my health/success — and keeps me balanced. Anxiety can often be unexpressed creative or sexual energy, so I don’t see it as negative. Yet if it takes the wheel, that’s when the tires come off the car and I reach for sugar. I am so sensitive that food can either bring pleasure or make me crazy. Like my words, I am in constant refinement of my food choices — based on what my body needs. I avoid alcohol and my main drink is pure spring water (and it literally comes from a spring on the property) and teas. I make meals to avoid processed food and only eat organic/non-GMO. That said, I am a foodie and hunt for amazing restaurants. I am plant-based for the most part and GF/dairy free. I take vitamins/tinctures/essential oils and get at least 9 hours of sleep. I never have devices/TV in the bedroom and turn off my computers by 8pm and place them in a Faraday bag. This has made a HUGE difference with my anxiety and of course, leaving social media two years ago has done wonders for my mental health.

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