3 things I love about being an entrepreneur (and a few cons)

  1. Flexible schedule. I am not a person who can fit into a 9-5 routine or be in an office environment. I am built for flexibility and a bit of the unknown in my day. I can close/open my calendar whenever I please and I like having space and quiet that I can control.
  2. No boss. Do I really need to explain this?? 🙂 No observations, reviews or living up to another’s judgement of my performance. I’ve had wonderful — and not so great — bosses over the years who taught me about leadership and weakness. I have no need to submit to another — my inner boss is enough!
  3. I can work from anywhere. The Internet in the last 5 years has opened up the world for me. All I need is a quiet space, a deck/pendulum and a strong connection to the web. So amazing!

The cons…

  1. Slow periods. I like a flow to my day and having an empty calendar still causes irritation, even after nearly 20 years. I may enjoy the “unknown” with a solid bit of known. There’s always a reason for slow periods – I just have to get through them to see why (rest, prep the gardens, learn how to relax better, read a book, taxes, etc). I remind myself that my financial success is based on the year, not the month — and Shivaya Wellness had the best year in 2021 and I’m well on my way to having a better year in 2022.
  2. The Internet. I’m dependent on a strong connection, which can vary based on location/weather. If it’s wonky, it can really throw off a read. I love/hate being online.
  3. Taxes. Every year I swear I’m going to use an accountant but end up doing my taxes because it’s 1-2 days of semi-misery with excellent spreadsheets. I literally prep my energy in Jan-Mar to approach my taxes and talk myself off the ledge. Fortunately, that ledge is about 3 feet high now.

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