How to bring your fantasy move into physical reality.

Buy a t-shirt.

No, I’m not kidding.

Buy a comfie tank/t-shirt of the place where you will move (not like to move or maybe or I dunno — but where your heart CRAVES to be). Wear it all the time — make it a nightshirt or a slouch around the house. Look at yourself in the mirror once in a blue — and say hi to your future self because she already lives there.

It is a 100% successful tool – and I’ve moved all over the place. It’s worked EVERY time.

I get a tshirt with the state name — because I tend to start with a wide scope and then refine after arrival, if I decide I want to live there long-term. Often I don’t — but am still down for the adventure of the moment.

You may already know the exact town. Even better. You are closer than you think!

Try it out the tshirt trick — and be sure to report back from your new home. I love a great travel story!

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