Questions to ask yourself before a session…

  1. Am I doing this to grow — or bitch and dump on someone? If the latter, please pass on booking a session with me, call a qualified therapist or take boxing lessons.
  2. Am I looking to prove them wrong? If so, please keep your $$ and buy a new pair of shoes. No ethical reader will want to read for you.
  3. Do I need specific predictions to gain direction? No readers — no one — will tell you exactly which steps to take for perfect life. Some will try — in true goodness or just to take your money – but no one can write your script. Nor should they. If you are muddled, clear it up as much as possible before going to a reader. Otherwise, you might get someone as confused as you.
  4. Have I done my homework on this person?
  5. Do I actually understand how psychic abilities work?
  6. Am I afraid/fearful/desperate? Again, get grounded and call a qualified therapist, pastor or other help. Readers are guides. We are not therapists.
  7. Am I wanting to understand myself more? Great. Book a session with an ethical reader.
  8. Do I need this daily/weekly? Nope. That’s called a psychic crutch/addiction.
  9. Can I read my own cards/oracle decks/use a pendulum? Sure – but it takes practice and many people are lazy, think they don’t have abilities or want someone else to do it for them. That’s like wanting a clean window and using an oily rag. No one knows you better than yourself — and if you don’t, that’s where you start.

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