Advanced beings…

The friend who has made a shitstorm of their life.

The sister who has been an addict most of her years.

The homeless person with a sign outside of your grocery store.

The woman who makes your coffee at the gas station.

The confused client who asks you their purpose (which, of course, no reader knows).

These people may not be who you think!

There are advanced beings in human form who surround us. “Advanced” simply means that they are at a level or more beyond our own understanding/growth. I’ve stopped using the terms ascended master because I don’t believe anyone has “mastered” spirituality; it’s kind of a ridiculous term because we evolve for eternity.

Many children arriving on this planet are like nothing we’ve experienced; my guess is that they are levels far beyond any of us. I call them the special forces. However, this post is about the adults with whom we interact or brush shoulders on the daily. It’s easy to think that advanced beings are the gurus, pastors and spiritual leaders but in general (not exclusively), I’ve found that advanced beings are normal people who struggle with the same issues we all have. They have no need for accolades. They often are in situations that we’d judge as wrong, horrible, backward or that they’ve screwed up their lives in numerous ways.

Ah, these are very clever beings!

I’ve made it a point to look beyond the surface — or, at least remind myself when I’m ready to throw down judgement — and ask whether this is an advanced being who has arrived to teach me. That lesson isn’t necessarily verbal; we’re all about energy transmission here. When an advanced being visits — one who is a level or more beyond me — I feel tremendously honored. Their presence helps me aspire to the next level. If they are a client, I still give a direct and sometimes blunt session 🙂 – but thank them for being here because I don’t feel as alone in this dimension. At times I say, You are an advanced being. Those will take it to heart and not make a big deal out of it — because they actually know who they are, even if they’ve gotten a bit “lost” on earth.

Some of the most advanced beings I know have had horrendous childhoods — some of the worst abuse that you can imagine. Others have gotten lost in addiction and damaged their relationship with their kids or ruined their bodies. Others have dropped out of high school, wandered the planet, married/divorced or just live a normal life with kids. Some prefer to be alone and work with animals. Others go from relationship to relationship, longing for an equitable partnership. Some stick with dead marriages and create all kinds of stories as to why they do. Advanced beings can find it addictive to help those who are not as advanced and that creates all kinds of stress until they decide on a different path. We’re here to help each other, yes — but it doesn’t have to be the way of suffering, unless we want to learn that way.

So, how do you know if the person around you is an advanced being? Ask your pendulum. Is this person at my level? Are they more advanced than me? You may be surprised at the answer — because some of the people you’ve judged may be the ones more advanced than you. I’ve found that the common thread with these beings in the most unlikely of people (at least for my lessons) are love, forgiveness, humility, compassion, patience. I tune in and pay extra attention, even if I don’t like the human they project! I acknowledge their power and presence.

If the person is at your level or a level behind you (think of it like school), that doesn’t mean you get to judge or lord it over them. They’re here to teach us, as well as learn. Most people in our lives are generally at our level — with some advanced and not as advanced, which may include parents and partners. It helps to remember that we were once there — in this lifetime or another experience — and that the lessons truly are love, compassion, humility, patience and forgiveness. Super easy, right? 🙂

We tend to protect ourselves from negative energy but I’d rather focus on the tremendous beings who have chosen to not only grow in a human life but share their energy with us. I’m grateful they are here!

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