Say yes to your intuition – then drop it.

It’s easy to question our intuition. Most of us have grown up in a world that gleefully drills it out of us for outer dependency (parents, school, gov’t, etc). Yet our greatest protector is our inner wisdom that watches our every step and says yes, no, eh, maybe so, not yet, slow down, watch out, I don’t think so, swipe left/right.

Learning to say, Okay, no problem when we feel that nudge — especially when it’s a no, nah, eh, can we just stay at home? — rather than endlessly questioning whether we made the right choice or that we’ll hurt someone.

Generally we hurt someone and ourselves — or increase the hurt — when we don’t listen to our intuition in the first place. It just creates a mess down the road.

Now when I feel a no, leave, turn away, avoid, I listen and do so. I don’t question it — I follow. Why would my intuition lead me into danger? Yet you could question, Hey, I did it anyway and was fine but more than likely, you were protected and avoided harm because of the guardians around you. I wouldn’t continue to test what tells you no.

Turning against our intuition is like cutting off a sore finger because it irritates you for a month. Kinda foolish, don’t ya think?

Love and trust that intuition of yours. It is your greatest protector and friend.

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