My 3 most successful biz moves…

  1. Same day service. Clients LOVE that I offer hours most days of the week and they can book same-day sessions. My success is based on impulsive humans — including myself. I can’t stand waiting a week out when I want a session NOW — and built my biz around same-day service. I’m like the Jiffy Lube of readers! 🤣
  2. I know when to stop. If I wanted, Shivaya Wellness could make many times over the amount of $$ in a year. That would be at great expense of my health and mental well-being — and how much is that worth? I know the amount of sessions I can comfortably do with the same amount of strength and clarity for all. Otherwise, I’m just phoning it in — and that goes against my ethics, as well as a big cosmic no no.
  3. I stuck with it and continually reshaped my definition of success. You may think that hitting it big time within the first year or two is ideal but if you don’t have the discipline/setup/staff/advisors/ accounts/mental health, your business will crumble. I’m a big believer in the subconscious mind protecting us from injury, so if we are not prepared for that kind of success, a block will arise to stop us. The big secret: it takes years to be a successful and healthy entrepreneur. It is not an easy road but if you have a passion and a dream, you just might make it. It all depends on your definition of success.

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