Unscrupulous readers.

I’ve spoken at lengthad nauseam — about unscrupulous readers and psychics. These are people who seems genuine, even a bit magical, in their promises and assertions. There are millions of online healers/readers/psychics, many of them spewing all kinds of nonsense.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of booking these readers when facing a life trauma like a divorce/death or heading into major transition such as a job/empty nest/personal confusion over your path. You may continue to book sessions, depending on how they catch you in their web.

Be very, very careful.

Yet how can you tell ethical ones from those who simply want $$ and control you, especially if you are a newbie? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Do your homework. Get to know this person. Read testimonials. Look at their picture. What do you feel? Read their blog. Ask friends if they use them. How many years have they been in the biz? Look them up online. Ask questions about their method before committing to a session. If they spew mysterious woo speak, run away. If anything feels off, don’t book a session, even if they offer a free consult. Even if you’re in the depth of a session but you feel weird, scared or something in you screams NO, stop the reading, say you’re not feeling it and hang up. They work for you!
  2. Avoid anyone who says that you’re under a curse/karma/sick and must return. Tell them to go where the sun don’t shine — and don’t go back. Ever! No one knows you better than yourself — other than God.
  3. Check in with how you feel before/during/after the session. Being challenged by direct statements is one thing; if you feel that they shame/accuse you, it is abusive. Ideally, a session should offer hope and strength, even if parts are difficult to hear. We often don’t want to see things about ourselves — but nothing should be thrown in your face to make you feel small. A great session should be a mix of challenge and positive energy — and always done with love and sensitivity.
  4. They may be liars who tell you beautiful fantasies to make you feel good. Anything to make you come back with that cash money! As Jesus once said, Test the spirits. Does anything they say come true? Does it help improve your character? Does it help you grow stronger so that you actually WON’T need them? Great readers empower you so that you don’t need them; unscrupulous ones attempt to convince you that you can’t live without their ”wisdom”. 🙄
  5. There is no reason to return every day/week. Let the reading play out. See how you feel away from them (it’s all about how you feel). Reads can become a drug or a crutch — but that’s an addiction that any ethical reader would not foster. It’s lazy growth that ends up biting you in the ass. That being said, I do have a few long term clients who book more often when they go through a short-term difficulty; that’s agreed upon by the two of us. I tell clients to wait at least a month before re-scheduling and have no problem dropping them if they get needy. I have no interest in being a guru, walking Magic 8 ball or psychic crutch. No thanks!
  6. NEVER talk yourself out of how you feel. Even if they say the most perfect words. Even if they promise you the moon is made of cheese. Even if they seem normal and regular. If you are creeped out, feel off, abused, pressured or something just doesn’t sit right — or their read was off the wall and had no relevance to your life — beware!! Ask yourself if you need a reader because chances are, you don’t.
  7. They are not your friend. They are a business. A guide that you hire for a set amount of time. They work for YOU. Drop them even if you bought a package and get a refund if you aren’t happy. Women are taught to not hurt anyone’s feelings — but learn to say nope and get your money back. No true reader would hesitate to refund, especially in the age of social media/review — but mostly because they want you to be happy with the experience.

Readers are helpful guides who offer suggestions and friendly advice. We’re not perfect but human, just like you. True, ethical readings are done from the heart — it’s LOVE, baby! (sometimes tough love from me 😂) — but love all the same. I want the best for you. Any ethical, loving reader would want the same.

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