You should: start a YT channel, create a Tarot deck, offer this service, write another book, get back onto social media, do monthly somethings….etc

All wonderful suggestions from wonderful people who imagine that my business/presence would be enhanced by doing all of the above. Other than writing another book — which will happen sometime in the next few decades — the answer is nah.

I’ve been in this game nearly two decades. I’m not certain whether it was harder to gain traction before social media/easy website creation or in the present where many thousands of people do all of the above. What I do know is that the more people crow about being a healer/reader/seer, the more I become invisible. Don’t get me wrong: it’s great that people are finally starting to accept that being intuitive is a normal part of being human. If they can make a business out of it, even better.

What works for my temperament: if you know where to find me, great. If not, we probably aren’t meant to do a session together. I don’t advertise or hand out business cards anymore. I don’t do gift certificates unless I know the connection and if they really want a session. I’ll never return to social media. Probably not the greatest biz practices if you’re just starting out! 🤣 Yet they work for me now.

I’m in the sunset years of my business. My abilities only grow stronger with wisdom, so I could do this work until I die. That’s the big bonus of sticking with Shivaya Wellness; not a Rolex and retirement party but the luxury of choice.

I appreciate all of the suggestions I hear and the care that the show. However, my definition of success is time/spaciousness/quiet/good food/adventure — and of course, no debt. It’s a simple, peaceful existence and one that doesn’t need to be shown online. That’s why I stuck with Shivaya Wellness when I wanted to quit — and had many people tell me then that I SHOULD stick with it, thank God — and am grateful to have the life I envisioned all of those years ago.

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