Are food shortages a myth?

Unless Mother Nature has decided to not allow food to grow from her land, shortages are a myth. It’s a tremendously powerful narrative to stoke fear in people — but it isn’t true. Despite what a few humans would like us to believe, Nature is always in charge. We may need to change our patterns regarding food but like money and other earthly necessities, there is an unending generosity available to us.

I don’t shop at groceries stores anymore. I found it a drag even when life was “normal” and now exclusively shop online. Thrive Market and Misfits Market are my go-to with Amazon and other stores as backup. If the grid were to go down (it could happen), I have a stocked pantry and lots of seeds. It wouldn’t be my ideal life because I am a lazy American that likes everything at my fingertips but run through various scenarios and make sure I have what I need at least for a few months. If there is nothing else that this time has taught us, it is to WAKE UP. The powers that be aren’t going to save us – and are actively persecuting a certain group of people.

We are our own saviors. We are are own farmers — and hopefully with a loving, healthy community surrounding us. We are the ones to protect, help and guide ourselves. We are the seers, the intuitive ones to make active and wise choices for a safe and stress-free life.

Since it’s a new year, I’ll again put forth my strongest suggestions that I use in my own life.

  1. Stock a pantry that will stretch 3-6 months or longer. You can still get great deals on big bags of beans/grains/rice/soup/seeds on Amazon, Costco, etc. Ask yourself, If the grid goes down or there is an internet blackout, do I have what I need? It’s an unlikely but possible scenario. The food may not be the tastiest — but make sure it’s nutritious, easy to make, long lasting and keep you alive.
  2. Buy seeds. Talking heads love to chat about crypto/gold/silver, but if you don’t have food or the ability to grow, crypto won’t get you far. Buy potting soil and use take out containers if you live in the city. Sprouts are great for a quick and healthy snack. Ark has a seed pod that is expensive but will carry you through many years. Or simply dry and save seeds, especially from squashes. They will continue to propagate once in the garden. Organic is always the best and seeds are the real gold.
  3. Move to wherever you feel safe. If you have the ability, move to an area that feels safe. Moving sucks — I’ve done it several times over — but when you find a safe place, it’s a great feeling. YOU are the safety you want and your home will reflect it.
  4. ALWAYS have a bugout bag for your car or city life. This includes water, bars, warm clothes, rain gear, survival/first aid packs, fire starter, chargers, glasses, cash, candles and whatever else you’ll need if you are displaced for a few days or longer. If you think I’m crazy, look at the people stranded in cars for 26+ hrs in VA or the Boulder fires. Pack as if you’ll need it – and hope that you never do. If you have pets, make sure they have water/food. Even if I go a short distance or an easy walk, I have a backpack with gear. Even better, pack a bugout food bucket to grab for a more serious situation and have by the door to throw in the car. Never let your tank go below 3/4, either — a full tank gets you further.

Thrive referral link (affordable organics, meat/fish, dry goods. A great mail in plastic recycle program)

Misfits Market referral link (great organic fruits/veggies, gluten /dairy free, fish/meats)

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