More ways to use your pendulum…

Many of you have found that using a pendulum has enhanced your trust in your own psychic abilities. That’s great! The more we can know ourselves, the richer our experience here.

I tend to like the “tools” of the trade rather than pluck things out of the air but it can also be an extremely frustrating instrument if we use it as a mechanism to figure out the motivations of others. You’ll never really get a clear reading because of the squirrelly nature of humans, not to mention free will. The more you can stay focused on your own life, the more satisfying the results.

I use my pendulum for many things: the amount of vitamins/tinctures to take every day, whether I’ll read for clients and how many (if I’m interested – usually I just let it ride). I use it for location-based moves, whether I can trust someone and “future” based questions that span mundane items (what car I’ll get) to relationships that haven’t entered my life yet, among other things.

One of the most exciting ways I use my pendulum is to find out the connection I have with strangers who have a particular resonance with me (whether “positive” or “negative” — I use those words lightly, as everything is valuable experience for growth). For example, I love love love my UPS guy. I don’t even know his name but from the moment I met him a few months ago, I felt pulled to him. He’s a sweetheart and always doing extra things for me. I feel joy when he stops by (and if I was 25 and straight, it might be a different type of joy 😂). Today was the last time I’ll see him and felt a twinge as he left, so I pulled out my pendulum and asked, “Have I known him before in another life?” (yes). “Was it many years ago?” (Yes). “Was it hundreds of years?” (No). “Thousands?” (Yes) “Was he family?” (Yes) “Was he my son?” (No) “Was I his mom?” (No). “Were we together for more than 2 lifetimes?” (No.) “Were we close as father (me)/daughter (him)? (Yes)

Why ask these questions? Because nothing is arbitrary in my life. I remember a reader telling me that almost everyone (not all) that I’ll meet in this life will be a reunion of sorts — and some reunions I’m like, see ya! Roll on! Fortunately, this was a sweet reconnect even if it was brief chats over packages. I sent him lots of love so that he realizes his dreams, just like any good parent would do.

So keep practicing and if you feel a connection with someone and want to explore further, try it out! Is it the correct answer? Who knows! My pendulum could have easily said NO to all of my questions and yet…who said yes?? 👽🤣 Just kidding — and if you feel fear by all means, do NOT use a pendulum until you can trust yourself to receive the answers from your Higher Self. Remember the pendulum is you, not some outside force— and YOU is not just “your name” in this life but a much larger essence that has been around for a very long time.

Have fun with those reunions!

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