Woo biz customer service…

More than your psychic gifts, it is your ability to be present and efficient when it comes to your business. There is no place for airy-fairy, I’ll show up whenever I want because I live in the clouds nonsense. That is, if you want to be taken seriously and have a successful, financially abundant and growing business!

Here’s what works for me:

  1. I answer emails within a day and usually 1-2 hours unless it’s after hours.
  2. I make it a point to always be on time for a session. I’m known for my promptness.
  3. If I’m delayed (internet/calendar issues, UPS, etc) longer than 5 minutes, I give an extra 15 on the house.
  4. If I space out and call on the wrong day (it happens), I apologize and laugh it off. I then make sure I follow #2.
  5. I use spreadsheets, Acuity calendar, Square and Paypal which protects my business and keeps records for taxes. It frees up so much time in my day!
  6. I’m a real person. I don’t pretend to be an angel from another planet.
  7. I ask a new client if they have any general questions about how I operate in session – and then the clock officially starts after that. I don’t waste their time with chit-chat and I don’t run the clock until I actually read.
  8. I have an easy calendar that allows clients to change/cancel their session within 12 hours of booking — without them having to get in touch with me.
  9. If someone sends me a thank you email, I always answer and am gracious. Clients make my business!
  10. I ask permission and then post those emails as testimonials. Check out my new one here. Testimonials (real ones) sell your biz more than anything else.

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