A few friends are confused over how I can live around “Trump voters” because they voted against people like me. They worry and wonder how it’s going.

I can live around “Trump voters” because they are humans and I simply do not care about politics because it isn’t real. I mean, if you haven’t noticed, we live in a clown world. That’s why I haven’t read the news for nearly two months. It’s just fear and terror and planned chaos.

I once said to an acquaintance that I understood why people voted for Trump. It didn’t mean I necessarily agreed but could see their side. This person who is part of the LGBTQ community branded me a homophobe and cut off any association. I understood then the madness – and in certain areas of the country, it’s only gotten worse.

Trust me, when you’ve lived through witchhunts, you know how they start. It’s through branding, hatred and divisiveness. If you were gay in the 90s or earlier, you understand. If you were a woman and lived through “the purge” in past lives, you understand. If you’ve chosen to not be “medicalized”, you are now the hunted that must be ignored/punished/hurt/show me your papers/despised by a large part of the country. (For a well-written perspective, read Charles Eisenstein’s multi-part essay on mass psychosis and the need for sacrifice — a.k.a. witchhunts).

Yet you do not have to be part of the psychosis — but it may mean you have to change your mindset/friends/location/church. These are the times you must remain in whatever truth is right for you — because no one is going to be able to map out what is correct.

This is when your true character emerges.

What’s clear as I view the world now is that we are either the hunter, the hunted or those who protect the hunted.

So, if you think I’ve gone off on an adventure, you are correct. If you think that I’ve gone into relaxed seclusion, you are also correct. One of the bonuses of being a seer is…seeing. I knew where this was headed two years ago when the bullying ratcheted up on social media. I know where it is headed next and it isn’t pretty. However, we are just as free as we have ever been — even more so with the ability to remote work, downsize or change whatever it is we need to change. Let go or be dragged, said a wise soul once — and it remains as prescient as ever.

Be where you need to be. Stand firm. This will pass.

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