The mundane magic of everyday life.

I wish everyone knew how psychic/dialed in they are so that we could stop talking about it. Like, normalize it for a change.

Being magical isn’t necessarily elaborate rituals (no thanks) or walking around like your head is in another galaxy (I break too many dishes that way).

Being magical is working with mundane life — the mundane, everyday rituals of waking up and deciding how your day is going to be. Watching for signs. Trusting your gut.

What’s the first thing you say to yourself when you wake up? Poof! There’s your rabbit.

What’s the attitude you have when you approach yourself in a mirror? Poof! Another rabbit.

Sitting in traffic, dealing with an unruly parent, assessing your finances, managing a business, figuring out the next step…poof! Rabbits everywhere.

I have friends and clients who grow frustrated when using a pendulum. They can’t control it or don’t like the answer. But magic is YOU, not a tool that reflects you. It’s not another entity controlling your answers (unless you invite that entity in – be careful with that).

Or they’ll grow frustrated when a reader/psychic doesn’t give a blueprint to their life. Guess what? We’re not walking Magic 8 balls. That’s not our job. We are there to provide suggestions and guide you past a tricky part of the river. We’re human, just like you — perhaps slightly more dialed in, but human nonetheless. YOU are the magic. YOU are the answer. YOU are the one writing the blueprint of your life.

Pretty powerful, eh?

Yet magic is all about PRACTICE. Just like you wouldn’t be a concert pianist after learning Chopsticks, you won’t have a handle on magical tools unless you put in the years and energy. You may be born with abilities — and certainly the children arriving on this planet are far advanced – but again, we are still human with our smokescreens and trauma and bullshit. We still have to remember that we are magic — we are the power — and to rely on that power. Often that takes many years to remember – if not an entire life.

For some, that’s just too much power. They can’t handle the responsibility and find it easier to blame others or circumstance. But nothing is arbitrary in this life — nothing. We create it and we experience it. Simple.

For example, I haven’t watched the news or scrolled Twitter for over a month. I’ve never been happier and barely remember what is “going on” — because my world reflects what I desire. Happy people whose faces I can actually see, sunny days, good food, great shows, quiet and serenity. I drew that blueprint and am enjoying my creation. I don’t demand that others experience my world — they may want a completely different one filled with trauma and fear. Cool. Those souls want to feel, big time — and I certainly won’t get in their way! I’ll stick to the sunny side of the screen. Both are valuable experiences — but I like mine better.

That’s my everyday magic — and it WORKS. 😂

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