Does Tarot tell the future?


I’ve spent the majority of my career attempting to dissuade people of two common thoughts re: Tarot and psychic readings.

A reader does not “tell the future” because you create your future.

Psychics are not special because we are all “tapped in” if we choose to be.

Yet clients still want to know their future and I totally get it. Curiosity, control and avoidance of pain. Like many of the recent shows regarding parallel lives/universes, there are many outcomes with many different personalities and relationships.

Tarot is a similar energy. I tune into the strongest energy of the moment and connect with a future you. I see that you but it doesn’t preclude the other yous. Get it? 🤪

The symbols and colors of the Tarot help me quickly connect in a session — but do remember that they are just 78 pieces of pretty art. It’s you who sends me the signal and I pick up on clues that you may not see.

That doesn’t mean I “tell your future”, nor would I dare to take away your power in creating that future. I’m simply a guide you hire to help clear the weeds or navigate tricky waters, while offering suggestions that may help as you consider the next steps. But no, Tarot doesn’t tell the future or take away the substantial mystery of life.

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