Bluntness and resistance are beautiful things…

Often clients will admit that they resisted something heard in session — then thank me for it later.

I’m a reader who plants seeds way in the distance to consider. I’m not so interested in the present. I don’t give fixed predictions; just possibilities to consider. You are the creator of your experience here and I’m a guide you hired for a few moments (just like any type of guide) to help you with the waters. I’m joyous, raucous and say crazy things to make you laugh and soften the ground.

In the past, my bluntness in personal relationships has gotten me into trouble more than once. I know it’s shocking, but a woman who stands in her power and speaks without apology isn’t viewed too kindly by society. I’ve been ungracefully direct when angry, hurt or needing to dominate. I’ve also said things that have protected someone from hurt, injury and helped them along the path. It’s all in how I use the gift.

Bluntness — or speaking truth as I see it — was once viewed as a negative. Tone it down, girl. Don’t get angry, girl. Just look pretty and nod, girl.

Nah. That ain’t my road.

Being direct – blunt — has made me an enormously successful reader. That’s the irony. What was once attempted to be squashed or shamed in me is now one of my greatest powers. I’ve learned to temper and modulate my words based on the client — it takes years and thousands of sessions to do this — but even so, I am more direct than ever.

My job isn’t to tear down blocks or figure out what you’re supposed to do after your divorce. I’m not there to draw the blueprint of your life, nor would I dare take away from your own creative nature. I’m there to speak the truth as I see, to challenge and encourage your greatness.

Lots of people say greatness now – but few believe it about themselves. That’s why some of you resist certain things I say. You’re not ready to consider it and that’s okay. Like I said, I plant ideas years down the road, so I don’t take it personally.

But the truth is: I see your greatness. I tell you to remember who you are. You are not just ____ (your name). You are the composer and ____ (your name) is the music. I’m just here to encourage the song.

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