The mark of a successful entrepreneur…

is patience.

It can be annoying to hear when you’re frustrated, treating water, in debt and wondering when the $$ will arrive — but those who have patience will be the ones who survive and bear the fruits of their efforts.

Most businesses last 5 years or so, Perhaps that is all the time needed to learn or move onto something else. You may be one of the creators who wish to build, experiment and then tear down. You may be one who starts a biz and carries it through for decades, passing it along to future generations. We can do whatever we want.

But if you don’t have patience, you’re NGMI (as they like to say on the Twitter….)

So often the mark of success is MONEY MONEY MONEY. It’s a material world filled with bills, toys, expectations and status. Such a funny game. However, my sense is that those who are in the other realms are not checking our bank statements. They/we are loving us, congratulating our courage and encouraging us to ascend. They/we are saying feel, be kind, love and accept yourself for whomever you are in the moment. BE in this life, rather than waiting for it to happen.

Many of my clients are entrepreneurs with baby businesses — and I remind them that if I thought they were falling off a cliff or were not suited for this type of work, I would tell them long before they invested time/money. It’s only my opinion but I’m not in the business of blowing up egos or leading clients down dead ends just to make a buck. Some may have to “fail” (nothing is a failure, just experience) before they redirect to something else — but generally the entrepreneurs I read have the drive and endurance to see their business to whatever level of success they wish to see. It just might not be in 3 years — but 10 or 20. That includes writers, artists and other creatives.

You also need time to rest and prepare for varying levels of success, so continue to be patient and kind with yourself. If you can do that, you’ve reached a level of success that many will never feel — and you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing what was once invisible now appear in the material world: your very own creation.

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