It’s only my opinion…

No client will ever accuse me of wasting their time in a session.

One of the benefits of doing this work for nearly 2 decades is that I grow more direct with each read. That does not preclude love — but sometimes love shows up as the Queen of Swords. However, I like to remind clients that what they hear is only my opinion, which they can use or discard.

It’s only an opinion.

Go to a medium, psychic or the best healer in the world: it’s only an opinion.

It’s you who does the healing. It’s you who creates the path and it’s you who draws in every experience, which you then judge as good or bad — but that is only your opinion.

I’ve learned to gauge my energy and the people I draw to me. I’ve generally gotten rid of the big mouths — but there are a few who like to tell me that Oh, this is what will happen when you get older. You’ll see.

I counter, I’ll never get old. I’ll never die. I do not believe in age. Those rules do not apply to me.

They don’t quite know what do with that — but shake their head in bemusement.

It’s only an opinion. Theirs. Mine.

What I do know is that it’s my life to do with as I wish — and now it is joy and freedom and happiness. That’s my purpose. Joy. Freedom. Happiness. Let others have as much suffering as they wish to desire. That’s on them — and perhaps as a soul/frequency (whatever word works for you), they wish to plumb the depths of this experience. I wouldn’t even try to stop them. Let them choose.

I’ve had enough pain for this ride. Enough heartbreak. Enough disappointment. Check, check, check. Imprinted on my soul for eternity. Cool. Got it.

Now it’s joy, freedom and happiness — and whenever I choose, I will slip out of this world into a greater expression of my unique essence, the me who I’ve always been — and always will be.

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