When I travel, I remember who I am…

What this latest bit of travel has taught me:

  1. I still have that road warrior spirit and can rock hours on the road, if needed.
  2. However, I prefer being still most of the time and absorb wherever I am. But I gotta shake it up sometime!
  3. I’m searching for a new place to experience — but it isn’t “home”. Home is me – and, wherever my cat, loved ones and personal sanctuary (gardens/birds) reside.
  4. I loathe being tracked but thank God for iMaps and auto steering. Even my car watches out for me and is concerned when I drive too long. Creepy but charming.
  5. I am finished with cities. Never again. Even small towns are a little too much. I’m a rural girl at heart but love access to a thriving town.
  6. This last trip reminds me that I am on the cusp of a great change in my life. I literally see it as a huge page turning in a giant book. The last time I felt this energy was at 13 and when I came out in my twenties. The difference now is that I consciously steer the ship to what I want to experience. I’m not so much in the throes of life — but command the waves.
  7. A great practice is when you’re stuck in traffic and all of the warming signs scream out “Delay” is to say, “No! This isn’t my reality,” and then imagine yourself like Moses parting the waters and slip on through. Not only does it help you but everyone get to their destination. It’s so much better than cursing traffic. Command the waves — and have fun doing it! 🌊

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