Psychic ability is all about practice…

Call it psychic or growing more comfortable with the knowledge you carry — it all takes practice.

I know it’s surprising, but you’re not going to master your gifts overnight. For some reason, there’s a belief that if you have abilities, you should be able to access and use them without any mistakes. Maybe that’s true – but I’ve never experienced it!

Don’t get frustrated if you get a “wrong” answer — but continue to hone your skills. The details will grow crisper and every time you nail it, you’ll grow more confident.

There has been more than one person — including myself — who gave up on the pendulum when I was wrong (and my perfectionist tendencies hate to be wrong 😂.)

You may be born sensitive but that does not preclude practice — and more than anything, trust yourself. Trust that you‘ll know the right answer for that moment in a sea of possibility.

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