When an animal comes for a visit…

Often clients will unexpectedly see a bird or animal as they go about their day and ask me what it means. I understand the desire to go deeper — I was that person grabbing Ted Andrews Animal Speak every time a hawk flew overhead or a turkey stopped by for seeds — but now I’ve come to a broader conclusion.

Animals can be seen as an omen but they also come by to say, Hi! How are you? It’s a lovely day. I belong here, too.

It’s easy to believe in this interconnectedness as a child — highly encouraged through children’s books — but somewhere along the way, we lose the magic. We grow embarrassed that we love our pets so much or can’t hug a tree without being seen as a loon. We sink ourselves into screens. We’re taught through churches that Nature is evil, sinful and that we live in a “fallen” world. We forget where we come from. We forget creation.

One of few reasons I appreciate social media is that it reconnects us to Nature through pictures of beautiful places and animals. (I mean, who can get through a Dodo video without crying? Not me.) Beauty is all around us, every day — if we take the time to notice and appreciate — even if we live in the grittiest of cities.

Whenever a client asks about an animal, I say, How did you feel? Usually it’s awe, amazement but sometimes fear — which comes up for them to recognize and work through. Animals show up to remind us that we’re not the only show in town — and that they also want to be loved, respected and appreciated.

Sometimes it’s not that deep when an animal stops by. It’s simply love and a reminder that we all belong here, in this paradise of our making.

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