What I’ve been thinking about lately…

Creativity. The inordinate amount of books I’ve written over the last 12 years came from being inspired through passion, Nature, grief and loss — not writing every day. I write to love/discover myself more and work something out in my soul so that I can continue living — not for fame or money (though those are nice little off-shoots). The reality is that I can go months without writing a word. However, I’m always thinking and observing. I’ve had to work with my inner child who grew up in a house that forbade mess — and that has hampered my process as a painter and chef even today. However, writing was always my escape from chaos and a mentally ill parent — even as I was punished for it. It’s like I couldn’t not write — it just came out of me as a conversation with myself. The difference now is that I share it with others, through whatever genre.

Mobility. Being on the road for 30 hours and several states helped me realize that a camper van is in my near future. It’s a self-sustained home for the trip, as well as friendship preserver. I’m already joking with friends in other areas that they’ll wake up one day and find me in their driveway for the weekend. It’s a great way to travel in my own time and way — and as much as I like hotels/spas, they can be a little anemic — so this is another great option when I’d like a more “rugged” experience for a week. Travel also greatly expands my creativity; more pics and experience for my brain to ponder.

Changes in the U.S. I’ve spent much of this year thinking about my next home — and haven’t found an answer better than the state I’m in (and much of the population seems to have discovered that — a flood of people are arriving here 🙄). My pendulum insists that I’m moving by the end of 2021 and that’s fine — because I’ll have clarity by then. If I stay, that’s great, too – and escape more in winter. I’m learning that home is me, not an external place — though it is a tricky trigger when shit blows up. Perhaps I’ll never really feel 100% safe on planet Earth but Nature has always been my great soother and protector.

As much as I am a positive and optimistic being, things are going to get worse before they get better. Cities will continue to descend into “chaos”. Psychosis and unhealed trauma will be at an all-time high. There will be ”food shortages” — and if you haven’t stocked your pantry with food/water/seeds/pet food, do so now — and “inflation” will continue to accelerate prices. The stock market will more than likely have a stunning crash — and that may include crypto. There are going to be natural disasters in this decade on an enormous scale — and shock us out of any remaining complacency over how we trash the Earth. Do what you can to prepare without going crazy — and contemplate whether you have been pushed to move. Pay close attention to signs — and if you live in a city, that doesn’t mean you aren’t safe. You must be your own advocate and see if you still fit there – or want to be elsewhere. This is NOT the time to question your intuition!

Overall, practice feeling safe — even if you are thrown a curveball like gas shortages, etc. Continue to soothe yourself and create in all the ways that bring you joy. You are safe, protected and will always know what to do.

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