Cruelty-free investing.

I just had the most amazing bagel and lox, a friend texted.

Did you thank the 🐟?

I KNEW you’d say that! 🤣 She went on to bust my chops a bit and then said, I love how you celebrate this world.

Well, the fish DID sacrifice its life for your breakfast. 😂 Everything wants to be appreciated.

By now, my good friends know how I roll. I’m a little weird, beyond the mainstream and do my own thing. I don’t press veganism on anyone because I still eat fish 1-2x a week and drive a car with leather interior. I’m not perfect by any means, nor would I want to be.

But I have always loved and advocated for animals, even as I ate them. I’d rather have a cow in my belly who had a happy life in the fields than one dying in misery in a factory farm. It was a process, like all things — and a choice. Changing anything based on taste and memory can be difficult but not impossible but like another friend says, Everyone comes to Jesus in their own time.

In 100 years, very few will eat meat on the planet. Either it will be restricted by certain powers and/or future bodies will not be able to tolerate it or want it. For those of you reincarnating back to Earth, let me know if my prediction comes true! 😂

Even if you are a meat eater, there are ways to protect and support animals through cruelty-free investing. I’m happy to see that fossil fuel divesting is commonplace now — and hope that factory farms will soon be relegated to the shameful past where they belong.

I use this helpful list from Cruelty-Free Investing when considering a certain stock — and won’t give $$ to a company that tests/exploits animals. Biotech/genomic research are huge now and I could make a fortune investing in them, but refuse because they use lab animals, including chimps, cats and dogs. Many of the companies listed are also brands in beauty products, toothpastes, eye saline — you’d be surprised at the names. Of course, no company is completely guilt-free but there are many who do not exploit animals. There is even a EFT that focuses on ”vegan” stocks (VEGN).

There are many ways we can support Nature and her animals that she so generously provides us, including when we invest in the stock market.

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