My new old joys…

The most important question I’ve been asking myself this past year is: Raven, what do you want?

Raven, what do you want? What do you really, really want?

Often it is an immediate response (usually to do with food lol) but there are dreams that have yet to come into being that I really, really want.

What I want will come. I am an immense creator – which I constantly remind my impatient human self — and will arrive when I need it. I always get what I focus on — whether I want it or not!

To keep my brain fresh, I’ve discovered new, old joys: cooking, growing microgreens/sprouts and the stock market. I was always a shy cook — surrounded by incredible chefs and bakers — and I’d be the one bringing Perrier to parties, rather than a dish. That’s all changed this past year because I approach cooking the way I approach the market: I learn to do it better. Every dish I make I call “world famous” (hummus, cashew cheese, soups, a sublime tofu curry, maple glazed carrots with thyme, my incredible yogurt, etc) but ask friends what I can do better. One of the highest compliments I received was from a friend going thru peri-meno and couldn’t stop puking for a week. She came over for lunch and ate two bowls of curry — exclaiming how delish it was — and didn’t throw up! 😂 Next is vegan baking — I’ve dipped in but it’s a tricky challenge that I improve upon as I go along.

People ask how I play the market and learn about crypto (still a newbie and slightly skeptical) — but it’s the same idea: learn as I go without using my “tools” of Tarot/pendulum. I watch videos, CNBC, read articles and listen to different leaders. I have a natural passion for it and buy from my gut. (To be clear: money and the market are a total illusion and we are due for another crash in the next year. Isn’t this planet fun??🙃🙃) I love to pick stocks that earn gains and suffer through the red like anyone else. It’s easier to do this in an IRA because of a long time frame and the ability to buy/sell with ease. Once I shift away from this work in a few years, I’ll learn how to day trade — unless the financial market have completely collapsed – and then I’ll be growing LOTS of sprouts!!

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